The Ram

Abbreviation: Ari
Genitive: Arietis

The constellation of Aries

Aries is a member of the zodiac. This is one of the most ancient of constellations, harking back to Babylonia. The Egyptians associated Aries with the ram-headed god Amon-Ra and the ancient Greeks thought it was the ram whose golden fleece was so avidly sought by Jason and his Argonauts. (Jason's ship, the Argo, also existed as a constellation but has been broken into its component parts: Carina, the keel, Puppis, the stern, and Vela, the sails.

Notable Features

Designation Name Description
α Ari Hamal Appropriately for the constellation of the ram, the name of this star means 'lamb' or 'sheep'.
β Ari Sheratan
γ Ari Mesarthim This is a double star which can be split easily with a small telescope. It was one of the first double stars discovered after the invention of the telescope.
δ Ari Botein