The Bar Hill Gang

Introducing the Bar Hill Gang, the pussycat posse that keeps tabs on the tabbies and everyone else in the neighbourhood! The members of the Gang, past and present, are listed below. Click on a picture to see more!

Dinah Dinah is a founding member of the Gang and heads the tabby section of the roll of honour.

Molly Molly is the other founding member of the Gang. She's one of several micropanthers on the roll of honour.

Kitty Kitty the Wonder Cat joined the Gang shortly after Dinah and Molly, and practically moved in with them for awhile.

Bonnie Bonnie is Kitty's kitten and a bit of a house louse who prefers the comfort of her own home to that of the great outdoors.

Jade Jade aka 'Little Grey' is just a tiny little cat. She likes to roll on her side just as soon as you start to pet her.

Scotty Scotty is a ginger tabby who with a pink nose, pink paw pads and a lovely swirly coat. He enjoys catnip and being petted.

Ginger Tabby We don't know this ginger tabby's name but he has visited headquarters several times, even coming inside and jumping in the bath tub.

Max Max is a big black cat with a tiny little miaow! He lives with his brother Socks.

Socks Socks came from the animal shelter and started out quite shy, but is now very happy to accept the petting that is his due.

'Collar Black' 'Collar Black' has never disclosed his name but always sports a handsome collar which distinguishes him from the other black cats in the Gang.

Ginger Tabby Another ginger tabby visiting the catnip pot at the Gang's headquarters.

Smudge Smudge loves nothing more than sitting in the catnip pot at the Gang's headquarters.

Reggie Reggie is a glutton for fuss (and a stolen mouthful of someone else's catnip).

Lola Lola is the first Maine Coon member of the gang.

Not pictured are the dynamic duo 'Big Black' and 'Little Black', Smudge's little black and white sister Spice, Lucy the calico, and Poppy the calico.

Does your cat live in Bar Hill, Cambridgeshire? Then he or she is a member of the Gang. If you would like your feline's mug shot included here, please contact us for more details.