The World's Worst Web Pages

Welcome to a collection of the world's worst web pages. Some of the most heinous crimes against HTML have been committed here. These pages may be difficult to read, take forever to download, contain coding mistakes, or be just badly designed.

This "bad" home page is no exception. Using frames eliminates some potential visitors right from the start because of the browsers they are using. Text-based browsers have particular problems with this kind of page design. Other difficulties include longer download times and problems loading images if automatic image loading is not enabled. It can be quite difficult to print a page in a frame and the URL at the top of your browser is not the URL of the page you are seeing!

There also may be copyright issues to consider if you show someone else's page within your frameset.

Frames-capable browsers will show a menu on the side which provides links to various examples of poor web page design. Click There and don't say you weren't warned!