If this is the only thing that you see, then the background image has not loaded properly. Make sure that your browser is automatically loading images and try again.

Aren't fancy backgrounds fun? The background picture is mostly black and white, and the text is coloured cyan so there is plenty of contrast between the two. Why then is this page so hard to read? Busy backgrounds distract and tire the eye. People with visual impairments find such pages impossible to read, even if the background is quite subtle.

If you didn't follow the directions and had image loading turned off when you first accessed this page, it looked completely blank. That is because both the background and text colours were set to cyan. However, when you turned on automatic image loading and reloaded this page, the background image provided sufficient contrast to make the text readable.

Many people turn off image loading whilst surfing the web because it speeds up download times. Is your web page readable without images?