October 2007

What rubbish have we received today? Below is a partial list of the "spamvertised" domains sent to our accounts.

Note that this is a listing of spam received by us, not sent by us. We do not send unsolicited bulk email but spammers routinely forge our domain name in the From: line of their junk.

Organisation Domain Name Date
Black Network Inc., Chang Limited, EliteHerbal Inc., Etty Productions Limited, Health Worldwide Inc., Herbal Doctors Inc., HerbalKing, HerbalMart, Liquid Ventures Inc., ManSter Penis Enlargement Formula, MegaDik, Optin Media Inc., Pump It Productions, Speshilov Inc., Tolmen Star Enterprises Ltd., WonderCum Inc., Xingu Inc., xtrasize-plus.com, XtraSize+ dapello.com, vevays.com 1 October
comyonja.com, shanru.com, viaces.com 3 October
apaspace.com, calegel.com, mitlcd.com, mnmotive.com, mnsns.com, starsizuki.com 6 October
muiscfbi.com, mutfall.com 7 October
deisbaby.com 8 October
deshirar.com, diggeloo.com 9 October
bestmuma.com, recifessex.com 10 October
bitssize.com, blohflux.com 11 October
anhanoi.com 12 October
glasswre.com 16 October
gopbo.com, hoeboxer.com 17 October
griltext.com, ilovecgs.com, imcests.com, imrmsls.com, imtclick.com, iloinge.com, lineborne.com 18 October
gefnuc.com, genilim.com, imcests.com, kcwhs.com 19 October
jimaje.com, kdfwrs.com, keeleds.com 20 October
genitalsolutions.com, genitalwizard.com, kansask.com, lmetta.com, lweles.com 21 October
erabji.com, ligabel.com, lisds.com, nexgal.com, oasypic.com, odarluz.com 22 October
familylifw.com, oldswex.com, omnnis.com, onbout.com, pansarex.com, paupoer.com, peerfil.com 23 October
genitalsolutions.com, piznic.com, rofumzen.com, rpaise.com, rpopel.com, wizardofpenis.com 24 October
primnary.com, purfetna.com, rtfil.com, rtopco.com, sanysuji.com 25 October
sabrung.com, salyclub.com, wildbozi.com 26 October
techdirs.com, vbmhus.com 27 October
taucxher.com, teelcase.com, utilcima.com, venezoan.com, vunmaur.com 28 October
aimsace.com, suayauda.com, suizoar.com, terranva.com, unfap.com, wachoiai.com, wahale.com 29 October
amabolex.com, uebba.com 30 October
babybule.com, baciy.com, bciabels.com 31 October
Canadian Pharmacy, ED Choice, ED Choise, ED Pill Store, Exquisite Replica, MailienPharmacy Online, Official Medicine, Official Medicines, PharmSite meds-ero.cn 1 October
hairthree.com, newpharmsenergy.com, onlinemedcamp.com, oshhealthhok.com, rcfisreforeverr.com 2 October
friendpart.com 3 October
ero-pharma.cn, friendpart.com 5 October
addeven.com, pharma-oto.com, ucatzhealth.com 6 October
ladyprint.com 7 October
ero-pharma.com, meds-fit.com 8 October
aheathblue.com, organway.com, yellowwent.com 9 October
famouscent.com, thalhz.com 10 October
blstate.com 11 October
meds-onlineone.com 13 October
pharmaoto.com, sincesense.com, waterreceive.com 18 October
adddiscuss.com (claiming to be canadianmeds.com), appihealthh.com, desertoften.com, omeoiwhealth.com 20 October
inewithahealththing.com 21 October
odhealhforboys.com 22 October
gimehaltys.com 23 October
hairhalth.com, liquidcorrect.com, owneyednutrition.com 24 October
tendrop.com, uckellowhealth.com 25 October
althisimportantone.com, lthissue.com 26 October
ghtlosgirly.com, lthinfoodd.com, partywill.cn 27 October
pjdureiterz.com, straightmake.com 29 October
althwithbubbles.com, catwrong.com, ebumplifestylez.com, healtflag.com, nimlhealthz.com 30 October
mhairhealth.com, somehalthsforlife.com 31 October
Cheap Software & OEM Downloadable CDs, Downloadable Software, Oemcd.net, Soft Eden, Stiomal.net besttopoemsoft.com, oemnote.com 4 October
makosh.cn, oem-port.com 8 October
forucleversoft.net 19 October
fit-oem.com 28 October
Cronos Investment Company, Draper Investment Company dicllc.cn 4 October
cronos.tv 19 October
croni.ch 28 October
Diamond Replicas, Diamond Swiss, Diamond Watches, Fly Watches, Prestige Replicas agramswiss.com 2 October
Euro VIP Casino, Fortune Las Vegas, Golden Gate Casino, Magic Jackpot Casino, Royal-Euro Casino, Vegas VIP Casino eurocasinomaldi.com 1 October
suremoon.com 2 October
worldgreatcasino.com 7 October
highestgambling.com, highestgaming.net 17 October
highestgambling.com 18 October
eurocasinobo.com 19 October
eurocasinobn.com 22 October
procasinosite.net 24 October
Gorilla Gateway, Optin Media Inc. vidnomnoko.com → guerilla69.com,
guerilla69.com → sexbrowsing.com,
sexbrowsing.com → bukkakebarn.com
14 October
Health Nation, Your Online Pharmacy pill-us.com 23 October
pill-us.com 26 October
pill-us.com 31 October
"Phishers" Domain Name Date
posing as National Westminster Bank (NatWest) kdierr.com.es 30 October
54567.li 31 October
posing as Royal Bank of Scotland gkkroote.mn 3 October
kiier1.ch 22 October
5684576.zj.cn 23 October
giie6.hk 24 October
mdjbm.li 25 October
Phony University Degrees Contact Details Date
(413) 376-9218 18 October
"Pump and Dump" Stock Date
This is how this scam works:
  1. The scammers quietly buy lots of inexpensive shares in a particular company, usually one that is small and sparsely traded.
  2. They then flood email inboxes everywhere with millions of messages touting the company as a hot stock and urging people to buy quickly. Pump.
  3. Enough unwitting investors buy the stock to create artificially high demand and prices.
  4. The scammers then stop promoting the stock and quickly sell their cheaply-purchased shares for a profit. Dump.
  5. The stock price plummets back to its pre-scam levels or even lower, and the conned investors are left with stock shares worth significantly less than what they paid.
Don't fall for it!
1 October
2 October
14 October
19 October
"Work From Home" Contact Details Date
JefferyMirandaIN@gmail.com, KerryBarryAH@gmail.com 19 October
BoydAllisonVH@gmail.com, JudsonMorinTH@gmail.com, (718) 732-2785 31 October
Unknown/Unresolved Domain Date
24 October
Addresses Receiving Spam Total
Nonexistant and Catch-all 15
Various Compromised Mailing Lists 91
Personal 38
Obliquity.com Domain Registration 43
Obliquity.com Contact Form 0
Obliquity.com Postmaster 0