June 2009

What rubbish have we received today? Below is a partial list of the "spamvertised" domains sent to our accounts.

Note that this is a listing of spam received by us, not sent by us. We do not send unsolicited bulk email but spammers routinely forge our domain name in the From: line of their junk.

Organisation Domain Name Date
Canadian Pharmacy, Diamond Replicas, ED Pill Store, Penis Enlarge Patch Rx, Prestige Luxury Footware and Bags, Prestige Replicas, United Pharmacy coolhev.com, upmelt.com 1 June
coolhev.com, wristhev.com 2 June
watcharm.com, wristwrist.com 4 June
armhev.com, blocktry.com, trybring.com, tryfour.com 5 June
testbring.com, tryfour.com 6 June
cargras.com, lampclean.com, signleft.com 7 June
cargras.com, lampclean.com, lampwrite.com 8 June
lampbuild.com, lampclean.com 9 June
lamproad.com, treeclean.com 10 June
lampgras.com, signgras.com, treeclean.com 12 June
ranbrid.com, rangreat.com, ranmooon.com 14 June
rannew.com 15 June
ranmooon.com, rannew.com 16 June
ranmooon.com, rannew.com 17 June
ranmooon.com, rannew.com, spacemonth.com 18 June
hereclean.com, ranbrid.com, rangreat.com 20 June
heavhere.com 21 June
heavhere.com 22 June
blueheav.com 24 June
ailpot.com 25 June
aillie.com 26 June
deskscreen.com 28 June
ailtop.com 29 June
desknull.com 30 June
Casino Rabbits Foot galletas.110mb.com → king-casino.com.cn 14 June
Euro VIP Ltd., Royal Casino, Royal Club Casino, VegasClub, Vegas Club Casino citycasinoglobal.com, colocationcasino.com 26 June
"Search Engine Optimization" scott.oakley83@gmail.com 3 June
markconway70@gmail.com 17 June
cecelia247@gmail.com 19 June
robert3203@gmail.com 25 June
"Mystery Shopper", "Secret Shopper" Contact Details Date
Although legitimate mystery shopping opportunities exist, the ones you hear about in unsolicited emails are almost certainly scams, either advance fee frauds or money laundering schemes which will leave you seriously out of pocket if not in trouble with the law. If it sounds too good to be true, it is! Michael McDowell, WA Surveys, 410 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105
3 June
Dale McDowell, WA Surveys, 410 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105
4 June
Addresses Receiving Spam Total
Nonexistant and Catch-all 0
Various Compromised Mailing Lists 51
Personal 1
Obliquity.com Domain Registration 0
Obliquity.com Contact Form 4