December 2012

What rubbish have we received today? Below is a partial list of the "spamvertised" domains sent to our accounts.

Note that this is a listing of spam received by us, not sent by us. We do not send unsolicited bulk email but spammers routinely forge our domain name in the From: line of their junk.

Organisation Domain Name Date
La Luna Marketing Ltd, Rabatte48, Rabatte 360, Sirafu Net Management Ltd,, 7 December
"419 Scam" Contact Details Date
Hong King version 4 December
"Phishers" Domain Name Date
 posing as Vodafone (hacked) 12 December
Malware Trojan/Virus in Attachment Date
Subject: FedEx Shipment Notification 4 December
Addresses Receiving Spam Total
Nonexistant and Catch-all 0
Various Compromised Mailing Lists 3
Personal 1 Domain Registration 0 Contact Form 0
Other Addresses 0