A flexible and experienced software developer and DBA working with MySQL and PostgreSQL on Linux to solve large-scale data processing and management challenges, with a strong commitment to user support.

Database Administration

I have worked with MySQL since 2001 as a database administrator and as a database application developer.

In my current role, I am responsible for the management of 280 MySQL instances and 40 PostgreSQL clusters which support the high-throughput scientific workflows and web-based public data services of the Sanger Institute.

I have many years of practical experience in:

Extensive IT experience

I began working with computers 35 years ago. I have developed significant projects using 19 languages1 and 7 major operating systems2. I have experience of systems administration and software installation on Linux, Windows and OS X.

Continuing professional development

In December 2006, following three years of study in my own time, I was awarded the Open University's postgraduate diploma in computing for commerce and industry. My study programme included modules on project management, e-commerce, user interface design, the issues surrounding legacy software and the reasons why large I.T. projects fail.

1 BASIC, FORTRAN 77, REDUCE, EXEC2, Maple, BCPL, Forth, Rexx, Bourne shell, C, PostScript, TeX, C++, Visual Basic, Perl, HTML, Java, SQL, Ruby.
2 GEC OS/4000, IBM VM/CMS, DEC VAX/VMS, Unix (System V and BSD), Linux, Windows XP, Mac OS X.

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