Winners #2

Tilly Thanks to Tilly who posed for this photograph!

An example of an early spring-loaded jumping cat. These cats had to be re-cocked by hand after pouncing on their prey. Human beings were initially invented to perform this service. (James Hilton)

Yes, I know you miss your little wheelbarrow - just try to remember where you buried it. (Tony Scully)

Each morning Tiger checks to see if he meets the Police Department's minimum height requirement. (Lisa)

Dr. Thompson and Samson demonstrate the Health Department's proposed strength testing procedure. (Lisa)

This is SO awkward...I never know what to do with my hands. (Beth Negrey)

Dorris remembers thinking that she must get him his own Yarmulkah. (Scott Sutherland)

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you don't lock your laundry starch away from your cat. (Ian D.)

I thought only horses were measured in hands. (Tom Secoy)

You have to be this tall to ride the Mad Mouse. (Geneva Parker)

Think you can sneak out of the house on me, do ya? (Theresa Benvenuti)

Bless me, sister. (Martine)

And now, the Amazing Stupendo will levitate a small tabby... (L.M. Stockman)

OK, enough with the levitating! (Bob Polk)

Human: I knew this levitation trick would work. (Marilynn Reid)

Little Known Science Fact: Accumulate enough static electricity in your hand and you can lift a cat right off of the ground. (L.M. Stockman)

It's amazing what you can do with Velcro these days! (L.M. Stockman)

See! I told you that a human hand has a built-in cat magnet. (Kelly Miller)

No matter how hard she tried, Delores just couldn't get Tabby's head unstuck from her hand. (Scott Sutherland)

I wish she'd quit playing with the super glue before she pets me! (Elizabeth Baldwin)

I wish she'd wash the glue off of her hands before petting me! (Tracey B.)

Gosh! I had to rub my head in that stuff they call krazyglue! Sorry, but I liked the way it smelled! (Jitzu)

Hey, who put superglue on your hand?! (Slof)

Man, that's the last time I use Crazy Glue to gel your hair! (Danielle)

So you're my personal trainer? How hard did you say I have to press against your hand? (Janice Klein)

When you are done there, I have an itchy spot under my chin... (Bob Skinner)

"And they said humans can't be trained," purred the cat to himself. (Alicia D. Page)

That's right. You hold me up by the ears and I'll help you with your zipper. (Lee)

If you won't bend down, I'll stand up! (Jessica, Katie and Ilse)

Ok, ok, I've begged for you. Now feed me! (Suzanne Muangprasert)

How tall am I now, Mom? (Helen)

Mom, am I tall enough to go on the Kitty Kat Roller Coaster? (A. Phillips)

You see? I am tall enough to go on that roller coaster ride! (Lisa Hancock)

It would have been easier if you bought me sunglasses. (Paul Bamborough)

Has the rain stopped yet? (Paul Bamborough)

Look at me! I'm dribbling a basketball! (Lara)

Hey! Look at my basketball impression! (Lara)

Take me home now and I'll do this trick every day. (Jasmine)

Everybody from around the world wants to pet me. (Danielle B.)