Winners #3

Columbo Thanks to Columbo who posed for this photograph!

Michaelangelo's Creation (Margot Leggett)

Fluffy's sleepwalking problem was one of the worst that Dr. Goodfur had ever seen. (Keith Babbs)

Ha, you may think you're getting me to perform, but little do you know you're being hypnotized...that's it...stare into my eyes.... (Diva & Tiki)

Y'know all that 'not bitin' the hand that feeds you' stuff? Well, nobody said you couldn't scratch it!! (Simon Bennett)

Bipedal? Big deal! (L.M. Stockman)

Look at me, Mom...I'm a ballerina! (Christina Shaffer)

I'm practicing for the "Kitty Cat Ballerina Ball," but I need a helping hand.... (Sandra Gilchrist)

The world famous feline hypnotist, Dr. Goodfur, demonstrates his amazing powers on Fluffy. (Keith Babbs)

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Stretch it out! Feel the burn!
(Vince Wilding)

And stretch, two, three, four, and LIFT, two, three, four! (Andrea)

And a one, two, now last touch toe so give me that treat. (Robin Carpenter)

Morning exercises (Olga)

Here is that piece of chicken you dropped! (Donna)

Please, let me do the cooking tonight. This cat food is getting old. Perhaps some nice juicy chicken steaks are in order! (Lee Colagouri)

Awww yeah! Catnip!! (Linda Lam)

My Doctor told me role-playing would help cure my addiction to fresh fish, but this is ridiculous! (Lori)

I give up. Now give me a treat before any of my cat friends see this! (Alison M.)

Awh, come on...Gimme' it...What do I look like, a cat??? (Christina Shaffer)

The dumb things I gotta do to get a bite around here. (Evelyn Pope)

The things I will do for a morsel of food! (Anne Wingard)

OH! It's the Food God!! Hallelujah! Gimme gimme gimme.... (Jenna Williams)

Awww come on mom - let me have could you tease me like that...look at my cute face...I'm hungry!! (Linda Lam)

Just bring your hand down a little bit lower! I can't reach! (Susan LeBlanc)

Giv'me, giv'me, giv'me, giv'me, giv'me, giv'me that hand! You must know by now that I'm going to get it anyway! So give it up! (Tamara Pennings)

No! No! Hold your hands UP! Like this! It's not a plie' - you silly person! (Tess)

Gimmee! Gimmee! Gimmee! Now! (Renae Bettenhausen)

Gimme, gimme, gimme. (Emily N.)