Winners #4

Kitty Thanks to Kitty the Wonder Cat who posed for this photograph!

Dracula, Cat of Darkness, in the throes of agony as the first fiery rays of daylight touch his paw. (Barbara Mock)

I vahnt to bite your ... Ahhh, help, the Sun! My paw is melting! I am a creature ov the Niiigghht! (Gail Anstess)

Ann Rice's cat, Vampyra Cat Of the Night, shrieks in terror as the Sun's rays creep ever closer ... closer ... Oh Nooooo! SSSSssssssss!!! (Kathy Miller)

Oh my God! Sun touching paw! No!!! (Kelly)

I'm melting!!! (Danielle)

"Under the boardwalk, out of the sun ..." The lead singer of the Brat Cats adds a little humor to the jam session. (N. Roth)

Someday I'm going to be a famous singer! Right now I'm working on choreography! (Missy M)

"Groovin', on a Sunday afternoon." (Rebecca Walker)

Hodge the Wonder Cat doing his "Death by Strychnine" public service spot. (Remember, young kitties: don't eat everything you find in the back yard!!!) (Irene Grissom)

Show me the way to go home ... (hiccup!) ... Hey, where'd that bottle go? (Ellen Mason)

Poster Child for Catnip Rehab (William G. Payne, Jr.)

Boy, that was some catnip! (Jan Lingebach)

The Mark Spencer corner ...

Damn it, Scotty. Didn't I tell you not to materialise me after a 90 degree rotation? (Tom Arbuckle)

I am NOT going to the wedding in this stupid tuxedo!! (Martha Sprague)

Hey, don't block the rays, man. I'm trying to purrfect my tan. Don't you see these ugly bikini marks! (Debbie Rummel)

Meow!! No one enters without at least one can of smoked salmon! C'mon! Let's have it! And since you are just standing there, there's all this belly fur that needs to be rubbed ... (Ella Townsend)