Winners #5

Tigger Thanks to Tigger who posed for this photograph! He was enjoying his Christmas catnip sack at the time, and, no, Tonya, we didn't Velcro him to the ceiling for this shot.

The poor possesed cat's eyes never did go back to normal, after chewing on the Bag of Evil ..... (Erin Lecky)

Ahhh, a truly fine cigar! (Cheryl Combs)

Little did they know it, but their cat had just entered the Twilight Zone. (Matt Tyson)

Brains! I need more brains!!! (Kim Allphin)

What's in this stuff??? My hind legs are shrinking!!! (Deb)

Whilst sleeping upside down in his spacecraft Colin the Ship's telepathic Cat realised that someone had turned the gravity back on. (Dobbin Dud)

Umfff!! Darn it, I hate outer space! (Chris Carroll)

It's so hard to be cool in zero gravity! (Patricia Moore)

Sleeping on the ceiling is fun. Has its drawbacks though (Yuramasha)

Using Velcro to stick me to the carpeted ceiling is not my idea of a pet sitter. (Tonya Bruner)

Acapulco's Catnip Free. It always gives me the munchies. (Lou Rummel)

I think now is the time to quit cold catnip. (Patrick Casey)

Wookee!!! Da catnip catch of da day and it's all mine!!! (Sue Bazy)

"Catnip Madness", starring "NitroMouse". SEE the glazed over eyes, EXPERIENCE the lightheadedness as if you're right there. This is the most spellbinding and gripping movie you'll see this year!! Coming to a litterbox near you!! (Gail Anstess)

After trying Betty Ford's, Percy gives in to his catnip addiction. After three years, he was off the wagon for good. (Michael Towne)

Could you help me a minute? It seems that catnip toys and superglue just don't mix. (Jay Vercellotti)

Got any chips, to go with this fish??? (Andrea Hewison)

Yum! Tastes like chicken! (Summer Carr)

This is the blandest mouse I've ever tasted! (Sheryl De Stafeno)

I'm so hungry I could eat a cushion!!! (Chris Rolls)

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SUPER KITTY (Destiny)

UP! UP! AND AWAY!!! (Christian Harting)

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's super cat! (Stephanie Hatchett)

What is this thing - filled with helium??? (A. Mae)

Grrrr! I have captured the wild sofa pillow! (Gayle Gerard)

Wow! This fish toy turns my whole world upside down! (Deborah DeMaere)

Darn it, I wish he would stop fly fishing in the house. These hooks really hurt. (T.J.and Shiela)

"I'm currently unavailable for petting and purrs. I've worked hard at lying in the sun, waking you up, chewing on your hair, laying on your computer mouse cord, and making my late night cat runs through the house. So for now, I'm taking MY vacation. If anyone calls for me...well tell them I've GONE FISHING! Maybe I'll drop you a line!" Love, Misty (Jan)

Why couldn't they have put this in a zip-lock!? (Susan Stephens)

Boy, talk about safety packaging! Where's the arrow? (Maggie Plasker)

Oh Dog-gonnit! My new prosthetic right ear just came in the mail but I just can't seem to open the stupid package. (Gino)

If I gnaw a little more off and attach it just right, nobody will ever know that I'm missing one ear! (Steve)

"Resistance is futile", hissed the one-eared demon possessed feline. (N McIntosh)

Do not underestimate the power of the Dark Side. (Lis Westbo)

It bit me first! Honest! (Maggie Plasker)

Watch it bud...this could be your ankle! (Barbara Frederick)

Where's the floss when you need it? (Terry Arter)

Hey, you dogs CAN'T do this hehehehehehehe!!! (Marina Howard)