Winners #6

Dinah Thanks to Dinah who posed for this photograph!

Mmmmmmmmmm! The baby was terribly tasty. (Mita)

Frisky discovered his head easily slipped through the slats only one way. (Nancy Newkirk)

Look at ALL those dust bunnies between these slats. (Cindi)

See, I'm big enough for a full size bed now! (Julie Crevis)

OK. Who put the super glue on the crib? (Shamrock)

But, honest, ociffer, I wasn't drinking! (Carey Burnett)

Wish that bail bonds man would hurry! (Bert Clark)

Public enemy number one, Al Catpone, plans an escape from Alcatraz. (Kris)

I didn't think they put cat burglars behind bars any more. (Anne-Marie Davis)

Help!!! Let meowwwwwtt!! (Clayton Smith)

Cat at Work DO NOT DISTURB (Gloria)

98 bottles of milk on the wall, 98 bottles of milk.... (Janet Lockhart)

And a special mention for Steve, Mindy, Barb Stock, Waldo Hossenphefer, DaMan, Tashley and Jim who lamented: Nobody knows the troubles I've seen....