Winners #7

Dinah with Feathers McGraw Thanks to Dinah and "Feathers McGraw" who posed for this photograph!

I will hug him and squeeze him and call him George. (CAT Risty)

A bird in a tux
Is what I have found
I grabbed him and dragged him
Right down to the ground.

I can't wait till they see the bird I dragged in!!! (Tammi Guenthner)

Yet another software developer embraces Linux. (Anonymous)

Linux ... is there a better operating system? (Dwayne Simmons)

How do I log in to this Linux machine? (Matt Jenkins)

When I went to the North Pole they all said "Don't lick ANYTHING or your tongue will get stuck" but those darn Penguins just wouldn't stop taunting me. (Drew Madsen)

The Arctic Wildcat works on defrosting his next meal from the Great Magenta Ice Fields! (Jorja Haberman)

So my little penguin friend ... tell me, where are the fish? (Rebecca)

P-P-P-Pick up a Penguin. (Julia Roberts)

Mmmmmmmmmm!! This is mighty tasty!! (Nicole)

And Batman easily overpowers the dreaded Penguin! Oh no! Here comes the Joker and the Riddler! Where's Robin gone? (Trevor Gin)

Let me make this purr-fectly clear! I am the top cat in this household. Oh yeah, one more thing - STAY OFF MY BED! (Dave Johnson)

If you're not a good kisser, you're dinner. (Verne Thomas)

You will never escape me ... NEVER ... I said NEVER! (Nina)

Say I'm fat again and I'll scratch your stuffin out. (Becky Griffin)

Now I've got you in a head lock. Kitty wins with a submission hold and wins the Feline Wrestling Federation title. (Heather Anne)

Okay, Penguin, whoever wins this match gets the fish! (Heidi)

After a punishing body slam, Captain Caterrific is ready to go for the 3 count. (marg)

Here's a half Nelson for you! (Julie)

I told ya if I ever caught you I would give you a knuckle rub. (Billy Barton)

I know you're not like the OTHER birds, but I don't think the other cats need to know about this, do you? (Robyn Inabnet)

But dear, I don't think relationship will work out. (paul)

This love affair could be cat-astrosphic!!!! (Tim Giuliano)

Who says mixed relationships don't work!!! (Gail Cooper)

Come on quick! Just a little kiss, no one is watching. (Janine L)

It was a forbidden love, but oooooh how RIGHT it felt! (Scott)

Oh and this next one is a photo of me and my bird! (Damian Coombe)

Boy, they need to invent some cat deodorant! (Cheryl Hochstetler and Amy Stump)

Little did the kitten know that the penguin had emitted a strong sleeping gas. (Diane Smith)

Eating penguin makes me soooooo sleepy ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. (Jay Vercellotti)

Who ever said that cats and birds don't get along?? (Lauren Smith)

You've been out in the rain again haven't you, cos you've shrunk my darling? (Mrs Angela Selby)

Just one more dance before you go? (Connie Wells)

I just know that if I keep this up long enough, my humans will go to the animal shelter and get me a kitten of my own to cuddle and raise. (Laura)

I may look like a full grown cat...but I'm still a baby on the inside. (Michelle Clements)

One Beanie Baby down, 743 to go! (David Scarbrough)

I don't wanna grow up ... I'm a Toys-R-Us cat! (Anna Rindfleisch)

I've had enough of that kid terrorizing me! Let's see how he feels when Mr. Penguin is headless! Mwuhaahaaahaaaahaaaa (magicite)

Harold finally gave up paw-sucking, but never would he give up his Teddy-bird. (Kathy Stark)

Ahhh! Life can be great when you know the right stuffed animal! (Melissa)

To YOU It's A Stuffed Toy, But To ME It's The Love Of My Life! (HowdyCuz)

Who cares if Mommy says I'm too old to sleep with stuffed toys (Laura)