Winners #8

Tigger and the Rover Boys Thanks to Tigger, Kita and Rama who posed for this photograph!

Okay, she looked smaller from the other side of the room, but I still think if we work together we can eat her. (Cynthia Williford)

It was a full moon that night. The cats developed the most piercing yellow eyes and starting attacking the human ... (Yvonne Shaw)

Not expecting a daylight attack, the unwary victim was soon overpowered by the vampire kitties. (Seeta)

Woman mugged by Gangsta Cats in her home. Film at 11! (Peter S Vives)

The three muscateers engage in battle (Sally Sargeant)

Not mugged, but mogged! (Mavis Carruthers)

Zork, Cat-prince of Evil, directs his minions to retrieve the sacred bag of Pounce ... (Desmond Dinglefritz)

It's Tuna Breath, our Queen!!! (Cynthia Williford)

I wish they would buy us a real basketball hoop!!! (Vickie Betts)

Take us to your leader earthling.. we come in peace. (Katie Postlethwaite)

Darn it, Mr. O'Brien, the replicators are malfunctioning again. I set it to make me *one* cat! (Desmond Dinglefritz)

"Give us the catnip and nobody gets hurt..." (Rachel)

Cat Nip, by Calvin Klein. (Joe Cook)

Sandra realised with horror that the '100% cashmere' jumper she had bought was, in fact, made of catnip. (Jennie Want)

So this is what it's like being a catnip dealer! (Gail A.)

That's the last time I use catnip soap! (Nancy Hess)

It was at that moment Lori decided to stop using salmon scented moisturizer. (Christina Walker)

I knew I shouldn't have had tuna for lunch. (Bill Geimer)

"I must stop using this mice flavoured chewing gum." (Gav Brown)

NO! NO! Simon says put your hands down ! Silly human!!!! (JoeMamma)

Finding their porridge bowls empty, the three bears turned on Goldilocks, and made a meal of her ... oops, sorry, wrong story (Desmond Dinglefritz)

There's always one guest allergic to cats, so we have to do the allergy test (Lorraine Wright)

We warned you not to eat anymore of our treats but would you listen?? NO!! (Emily Hallett)

Feeding time at the zoo (L.M. Stockman)

The paws that refreshes! (Barbara)

A sneek peek at "The Cats", Hitchcock has obviously started running out of movie ideas.. (Donald)

Okay, NO MORE Alfred Hitchcock movies for you guys!! I really don't think he would've made a movie called "The Cats". (Gail Anstess)