Winners #9

Dinah Thanks to Dinah who posed for this photograph!

And sadly, the Henderson's new puppy was never seen again. (Kate)

Roll out the ... (hic!) ... barrel ... Oh man, what'd I drink? And why's that bald mouse with no limbs staring at me? (Ian Butcher)

Boy, am I full! If I eat that last egg I'll explode! (Seeta)

Too late Tabby found out his mother was right about the evils of Gin! (Abotar)

Man, Laying an egg isn't all it's cracked up to be. (Retisha Richters)

That's the LAST time I go out cat-nip sniffing with the boys! (Colleen Kabelis)

Won't you please help these unfortunate victims of catnip abuse? (Jim Lance)

A cat's definition of "fetch". (Rae W)

A dog will fetch, a cat ... you must be joking! (Sula)

Feline dog-tired. (Donna Maria Roach)

Timmy, the pole vaulting cat, realises the values of crash mats. (Bosh)

Tiger Woods naps after celebrating his most recent victory. (Kathi)

Obviously it's a mistake to Meow on a fence when you're Tiger Woods next-door neighbour. (Don Walker)

You may have won this round, little ball, but I'll get you later! (Tanya)

Ohhhhhhh, I knew I shouldn't have tried to sneak over that fence last night. (Amy)

However hard he pushed with his feet, Nigel just couldn't open the gate. (Richard Fletcher)

Cat falls off hot tin roof (Joel)

These aerobics exercises are really tough! How am I ever gonna lose any weight? (Larry L)

I'll pounce on that ball just as soon as my legs start to work. (Raquel Fosados)

Hey Babe, check me out! (Cora)