Winners #10

Two cats in a chair Thanks to Rolf Howarth for permission to use his wonderful photograph!

Look! The goats have emerged from the duct! (Robert Sizz)

Darned transporter ... our heads are on backwards ... again!!! (Renee)

Tilly and Tabby have just realized that not only are they both dating Tom, but he's also seeing that Persian down the street. (Pamela Smith)

Where? I don't see any cute guys. (Kitty Kat Duclot)

Boy, was that shot out-of-bounds! (Cinzia)

We TOLD him we're in the witness protection program! (Kitty Corcoran)

After a flash of light, their eyes glowed red and their heads began to spin. (Grizraz Hearteater)

"What was that?" "I don't know but here it comes again!" (Diane)

Holy Cow! Did you see the size of that bird! (Desmond Dinglefritz)

Here she comes with that carrier. Just look away man, look away!! (Stephanie)

Synchronised sitting! (Uday Khopkar)

"What what type of movie did you say this was, Ralph?" "I dunno, I just heard they needed extras" (D. Walker)

Who's this Spielberg guy anyway? (Bosh)

Where's the wise guy who shouted 'Cut!' (John Hooton)

Oh darn! Here comes Mr. Lucas. I knew he wouldn't let us direct "Star Wars Episode II, The Cat Clones". (Gail Anstess)

I guess Sylvester finally decided to show for his cameo. (Amoni01)

Hey look! There goes Garfield! (Sabrina Angelov)

I wonder if Barry Norman's watching us? (Fidel Baptista)

I smell dog. Do you smell dog? (David Wilson)

Did you hear someone say, "DINNER?" (Maria)

Where are those tuna-juice drinks we ordered? (Fido Cornelius)

Mouse-flavoured popcorn! Get your mouse-flavoured popcorn! (Desmond Dinglefritz)