Winners #11

Rama Thanks to Rama for posing for this photograph!

Right, I've got the pea-green boat, so where's that darn owl got to? (Sheena McCullagh)

Sandpoint? I thought it said sealpoint! (Larry Sheldon)

Even black facepaint couldn't hide the fact that Simon was nothing but white trash. (Bosh)

What a night!!! I'm trashed!! (Dave)

The dog told me to hide in here quietly when the garbage guys come by. (Kagdwarrior)

I knew something was up when they brought that puppy home! (Valentine)

I will never sharpen my claws on your sofa again! I will never sharpen my claws on your sofa again! (Daddy Higgins)

Evil scientist Corkbottom put hazardous nuclear waste in a box, soon finding out that a strand of catnip found its way in!! Thus the Siamese cats were born. (Bethany Tidwell)

If you knew how to scrape the cans, I wouldn't be in here! (CatDude)

The wily Kat Bond plans his escape from the waste disposer. (Richard Barrell)

I've just been twice around the block in this cool thing on wheels you know, I thought it was a litter tray and then it started moving! (Angela Selby)

I surely don't need a litter box THIS big!!! (Shelley Johnston)

This is the biggest litter box I've ever been in! (Debbie Beiter)

Please be advised of a typographical error in our recycling notice. It should have read "recycle CANS" not "recycle CATS". (Gail LaGoy)

In some neighborhoods, the kerbside recycling program will accept almost any article. (Kelley)

Nobody told me that they recycle cats now! (Linda Bestfelt)

I'm down 8 lives with one left. I hope this works! (Frances Siller)

Well, how *did* you think cats achieve nine lives? (Helen Andrews)

I don't want to come back as a dog! I don't want to come back as a dog! (Daniel Determann)

Please recycle me to 3 times my size and enormous fangs so I can finally beat that next-door dog! (Adinda)

I want to come back as a Tiger. (Kamren)

I'm going to be recycled into a human. They have easier access to the food pantry. (Bessie Drewanz)

Can you recycle me as a Persian? (Vicky)

I just wanted to see where the milk bottles came from!!! (Clare Hewitt)

Wilbur unwittingly found himself taking part in the town's "Recycle your trash and we'll give you a cat" initiative. (Desmond Dinglefritz)