Winners #12

Dinah Thanks to Dinah for posing for this photograph!

Our hard working and ambitious staff is willing to go the extra mile to fulfill your every need. (R. Yeingst)

Next time you buy a chair, please make sure it's big enough for ALL of me (Sheena McCullagh)

You may roll me to the litter box any time now. (Carol Hunt)

Mother warned me not to put open paper clips in my mouth. (Star)

I'll do what I want as long as Mr. Dithers isn't around. (Anna Rindfleisch)

Marge! Come on over here and check this word for me, would you? This resume's gotta be perfect if I'm gonna get that executive position over at Scratch Patch Inc. (Vicki Shumate)

After a hard day's Perl coding, Dinah takes a welcome break. (Desmond Dinglefritz)

That mouse sure tasted funny! (Chris Andre)

That's what I love about working at home - catnaps whenever you want! (J. Anderson)

Dr Snideworthy discovers an unexpected side-effect of using the "cat" command. (Desmond Dinglefritz)

Mom! The Internet's down!!! (Ebonia Katt)

The study of Canine political history in the 21st century is such a bore! (Abbe Vaughan)

You stayed up half the night playing Rodent's Revenge. Tonight it's MY turn! (Fred)

Hair & makeup crew, I'm ready for my closeup! (Annie Mooney Saltonstall)

Where's my catnip latte! (Kendralynn Botting)