Winners #13

Three cats on a table Thanks to Kita, Rama and Tigger for posing for this photograph!

They called old Mr Tinkles the "Hovercat" - tuna always gave him gas. (Dominique Lummus)

The Canadian team take silver in the Olympic cat-curling event! (Theophrastus J. Sniggle)

One of these cats is not like the others. One of these cats does not belong. (Carrie-Anne)

Ebony and ivory, living together in purr-fect harmony. (R. Call)

Tabby Luther King tries to put an end to segregation by joining the Siamese-only line. (Heather Davis)

Stripey always had a sneaky feeling that his Mum and Dad had adopted him. (Judy Park)

Cloning gone horribly wrong. (Gail Anstess)

Slowly Pouncival began to back away when he realised that Tipoo and Ly Ly planned to blame hime for eating Mrs Weber's prize-winning flowers. (Kait Skyler)

Sharon's early al fresco dinner parties were a disaster after her guests complained of cat fur in the food. (Simon)

It was only now that Tigger realised that Rama and Kita were stuck to the freshly varnished table and not waiting for dinner. (Stephen)

Why do I always have to be the caboose? (Kay Qy)

Tigger demonstrates the principle of cat-ionic repulsion. (Desmond Dinglefritz)