January 2014

What rubbish have we received today? Below is a partial list of the "spamvertised" domains sent to our accounts.

Note that this is a listing of spam received by us, not sent by us. We do not send unsolicited bulk email but spammers routinely forge our domain name in the From: line of their junk.

Organisation Domain Name Date
Canadian Health&Care Mall tanilm.ru 2 January
behoop.ru 7 January
icipel.ru 18 January
tabletsmedshealth.ru 19 January
hmonir.ru 20 January
tabletsmedshealth.ru 24 January
woerai.ru 27 January
hmonir.ru 28 January
canadabirth.at 29 January
walgreensmeds.at 30 January
dietpillsmediterranean.at, tanilm.ru 31 January
Everyday With Rachael, Garcinia Cambogia com-no83.net, secure-order-now.com 26 January
Fast Online Payday, Payday Loans daythatchangedmylife.co.uk, deaf-history.org.uk, fast-online-payday.co.uk, qwerpaydayloans.co.uk 31 January
Lottery Scam Contact Details Date
Subject: Hello Dear tomcrist1@rogers.com 11 January
Malware Trojan/Virus in Attachment Date
Subject: #Notice of appearance in court Order 6813 Court_Notice_Document_ID02874.zip 1 January
Subject: #Notice to appear in court Order 6817 Court_Notice_Document_ID26965.zip
Subject: #Urgent court notice Order 15651 Court_Notice_Document_ID38217.zip
Subject: #Urgent court notice Order 28797 Court_Notice_Document_ID73404.zip
Subject: #Urgent court notice Order 28863 Court_Notice_Document_ID51831.zip
Subject: Hearing of your case in Court Order 4752 Court_Notice_Document_ID28700.zip 2 January
Subject: #Notice of appearance in court Order 5899 Court_Notice_Document_ID66301.zip
Subject: #Notice to appear in court Order 3174 Court_Notice_Document_ID18524.zip
Subject: #Notice to appear in court Order 5469 Court_Notice_Document_ID06542.zip
Subject: #Notice to appear in court Order 5695 Court_Notice_Document_ID88693.zip 3 January
Subject: invoice copy (waiting for your confirmation) invoice copy(2).zip 16 January
Subject: Your Rewards Order Has Shipped Order history_ page.zip 18 January
Subject: Someone you know has just sent you a image IMG9900882.zip 20 January
Subject: DHL delivery failure report DHL deliver label 627881.zip 27 January
Subject: Voice Message from Unknown (445-754-9973) VoiceMessage.zip
Subject: foto 28 01 2014 img_71165_28012014.zip 28 January
Subject: You have received a secure message Secure_Message.zip
Subject: picture message:0EA545 29.01.14picture_3112797.zip 29 January
Subject: image Id 265073737-PicHJUF2 TYPE==MMS IMG0000008849902.zip 30 January
Subject: Skype Missed voice message Missed voice message.zip
Subject: Statement 7699L2 28/01/2014 Statement2577L1280114.zip
Subject: you have 1 message Notification 1 message_facebook.zip
Subject: you have 1 message Notification 1 message_facebook.zip
Subject: Your order cancellation Order_Cancellation_116_268343_2014.zip
Subject: ACTION REQUIRED: A document has arrived for your review/approval (Document Flow Manager) Importance: High WF_Docs_608201332.zip 31 January
Subject: ACTION REQUIRED: A document has arrived for your review/approval (Document Flow Manager) Importance: High WF_Docs_608201332.zip
Unknown/Unresolved Domain Name/Contact Details Date
Subject: Absolute satisfaction qdnqzciw.be 2 January
Subject: Keep your wife pleased at night pmgvyloo.at 3 January
Subject: New "sneaky" method banks $400 in 3 mins targetedsend.com 4 January
Subject: The hottest technique to gratify your female partner vzoovqcp.in 8 January
Subject: Are you ready to surprise your beloved one this night? xttusoqu.at 9 January
Subject: Get outstanding amorous skills xttusoqu.at 10 January
Subject: Revolution for displeased couples qdnqzciw.be 11 January
Subject: Do you wish to please your girlfriend tonight? qdnqzciw.be 13 January
Subject: Why online drugstores are so cheap xttusoqu.at 18 January
Subject: Your Rewards Order Has Shipped [no payload]
Subject: Teen showing sexy toes in nylon close-up mocklocals2meet4ya.com 19 January
Subject: The Pharmacy with a Tender Loving Touch. pharmedicalmalpractice.eu 24 January
Subject: We're More Than Just Your Local Drug Mall, We're Your Friends. viagracaregroup.eu
paydayloansbvv.co.uk, paydayloanssdfsf.co.uk, paydayzabc.co.uk 25 January
Subject: AUTUMN SALE SEASON STARTED! GET EXTRA 10% OFF... viagracaregroup.eu
Subject: Make her to dream about you xttusoqu.at
Subject: APPROVED CANADIAN HEALTHCARE ! tendingrx.eu 26 January
Subject: Top-grade Drugs at Discount Prices!! viagracaregroup.eu
Subject: The Best Webstore Discounter Offer! birthherbal.eu 27 January
Subject: When It Comes Healthcare, Nothing Beats a Hometown Advantage . kenyaherbal.eu
Subject: TRUSTED CANADIAN HEALTHCARE ! viagracaregroup.eu 28 January
Subject: World Best DRUGS Mall For a Reasonable Price. viagracaregroup.eu
Subject: Not Just a Drug Mall, But a Family ... healthwelloch.eu 29 January
Addresses Receiving Spam Total
Nonexistant and Catch-all 22
Various Compromised Mailing Lists 25
Personal 14
Contact Form 2
Domain Registration 1
Other Addresses 0