February 2014

What rubbish have we received today? Below is a partial list of the "spamvertised" domains sent to our accounts.

Note that this is a listing of spam received by us, not sent by us. We do not send unsolicited bulk email but spammers routinely forge our domain name in the From: line of their junk.

Organisation Domain Name Date
Binary Options bestbinaryoptions4u.com → binaryoptionstrading201.com 11 February
Canadian Health&Care Mall dietwelhcg.at 1 February
dietpillevitra.at, rxsmartmart.ru 2 February
pbphgwbr.in 3 February
gutseblycza.com 5 February
canadianusapharmacy.ru 7 February
dietpillsamerica.ru, xeril.ru 8 February
cheappillsonline.ru 9 February
cheappillsonline.ru 10 February
ourdietpills.ru, yourpharmacytech.ru 11 February
storeprescription.ru, walgreensmeds.at 12 February
incla.ru, pharmcialisbenghazi.at 13 February
pillsbargains.ru 14 February
awesh.ru, dmzmcxdm.com 19 February
burub.ru 20 February
mwuylppp.net 28 February
Everyday With Rachael, Finance Reports, Garcinia Cambogia, Good Housekeeping, Online Money, Phytoceramides, Work At Home Special Report! (hacked WordPress blog) backoffices.org → com-ht50.net, onlinesecureorders.com, online-income-center.com 4 February
Fast Online Payday, Payday Loans mirc-rainbow.com → discopaydayloans.co.uk,
piggy-paydayloans.co.uk → discopaydayloans.co.uk
2 February
Pharmacy Express doctorffuz.su 23 February
doctorhdtc.su 25 February
Phen375 buyphen375australia.com, buyphen375uk.com, phen375reviewsandsideeffects.com 18 February
"Dating Scam" Domain Name Date
Welcome to Russian Dating! date-girls.biz, rusgirlsdate.biz → girls-date.biz 3 February
rusdate.biz, rusgirlsdate.biz → girls-date.biz 4 February
womensexyru.ru → dateforyou.biz 5 February
girls-ukru.ru → ruladies.biz 6 February
beautyukrus.ru → ukrus-beauty.ru,
ukrusonline.ru → ukrus-beauty.ru,
ukruswomen.ru → ukrus-beauty.ru
8 February
ladies-russ.ru → ukrus-beauty.ru 9 February
date-women-sexy.ru → ukrus-beauty.ru,
girlsruss.ru → ukrus-beauty.ru
10 February
datewomensexy.ru → ukrus-beauty.ru,
womensexydate.ru → ukrus-beauty.ru
11 February
girlsdate.ru 13 February
datingxf.ru 14 February
"Phishers" Domain Name Date
posing as HMRC php script hosted at 2 February
posing as HMRC php script hosted at tvo-enlinea.com 14 February
posing as HMRC php script hosted at ijcsjournal.com 24 February
posing as PayPal php script hosted at elkadey.com 28 February
Malware Trojan/Virus in Attachment or at Domain Name Date
Subject: Fax Message on 08946743280 from PRINT_DOCUMENT.rar, PRINT_DOCUMENT.zip 1 February
Subject: Let me know how you feel when you've tried it PRINT_DOCUMNT.rar, DCIM_DATA_ARTICLE.zip
Subject: this has been your time to shine Listen This.rar, Read This.rar 3 February
Subject: Barclays transaction notification #468834 Payment receipt Barclays PA77392773.zip 4 February
Subject: Barclays transaction notification #916605 Payment receipt Barclays PA77392773.zip
Subject: UPS Label Delivery, 1Z7W78935934013648 UPS Returns Label_electronic label_75216Z01W109.zip
Subject: You have new messages on Facebook facebook attached notification-s.zip
Subject: You have new messages on Facebook new notification Facebook_message.zip
Subject: Bank of America Alert: Online Banking Security Measures Bank_of_America_Alert_tripadvisor.com_ID-C3B3B0152E.zip 5 February
Subject: Barclays transaction notification #889037 Payment receipt Barclays PA77392773.zip
Subject: Barclays transaction notification #999410 Payment receipt Barclays PA77392773.zip
Subject: Image has been sent [deleted] (hacked) ovh.net/~orabenin → (hacked) epsommalevoicechoir.org.uk → jolygoestobeinvester.ru,
(hacked) ovh.net/~orabenin → (hacked) t-gas.co.uk → jolygoestobeinvester.ru
7 February
Subject: Review you order dataorder.rar
Subject: TalkTalk Business order confirmation TalkTalk Business order confirmation.pdf.zip 10 February
Subject: UPS Label Delivery, 1Z7W89409086204101 Returns Label - electronic label 56372Z01W329.zip
Subject: Emailing: DSC01004_2014.JPG DSC01877_2014.zip 12 February
Subject: Emailing: DSC09435_2014.JPG DSC04558_2014.zip
Subject: Important information : changes to your mobile device(s) insurance terms the terms and conditions document.zip
Subject: New eDocument arrived eDocument 9004623016.zip
Subject: order ID712-0662838-4889951 order ID 883-0392839-6464791.zip
Subject: order #999-0352649-0756667 order ID 883-0392839-6464791.zip
Subject: Image has been sent [deleted] (hacked) istanbulteknik.com → (hacked) merdekapalace.com → ypawhygrawhorsemto.ru,
(hacked) istanbulteknik.com → (hacked) shivammehta.com → ypawhygrawhorsemto.ru
14 February
Subject: Image has been sent [deleted] (hacked) printmarketing.es → ? 15 February
Subject: Your loan request has been confirmed Details on loan 64641.zip 17 February
Subject: Image has been sent [deleted] (hacked) fullfilimizle.net → (hacked) merdekapalace.com → grodopsoapoachedry.ru,
(hacked) fullfilimizle.net → (hacked) shivammehta.com → grodopsoapoachedry.ru
17 February
Subject: Barclays transaction notification #012381 Payment receipt Barclays PA77392733.zip 18 February
Subject: Barclays transaction notification #280014 Payment receipt Barclays PA77392733.zip
Subject: You received a new message from Skype voicemail service (hacked) nobleschool.co.in → (hacked) merdekapalace.com → (hacked) p22473.typo3server.info,
(hacked) nobleschool.co.in → (hacked) shivammehta.com → (hacked) p22473.typo3server.info
19 February
Subject: You received a new message from Skype voicemail service (hacked) koolitz.com → (hacked) merdekapalace.com → (hacked) p22473.typo3server.info,
(hacked) koolitz.com → (hacked) shivammehta.com → (hacked) p22473.typo3server.info
Subject: You received a new message from Skype voicemail service (hacked) walkerstribeca.com → (hacked) merdekapalace.com → (hacked) wechta.nazwa.pl,
(hacked) walkerstribeca.com → (hacked) shivammehta.com → (hacked) wechta.nazwa.pl
Subject: You received a new message from Skype voicemail service (hacked) grandlakedimsum.com → (hacked) merdekapalace.com → (hacked) merkabahcentro.com,
(hacked) grandlakedimsum.com → (hacked) shivammehta.com → (hacked) merkabahcentro.com
20 February
Subject: Barclays Bank transaction notification #0455-149 Paymnet receipt 7882-661 21-02-2014.zip 21 February
Subject: Coutts Private Bank Services transaction notification #2720-600 Paymnet receipt 7882-661 21-02-2014.zip
Subject: Ulster Bank transaction notification #8137-309 Paymnet receipt 7882-661 21-02-2014.zip
Subject: invoice copy (waiting for your confirmation) invoice copy(3).zip 24 February
Subject: invoice copy (waiting for your confirmation) invoice copy(3).zip
Subject: invoice copy (waiting for your confirmation) invoice copy(3).zip
Subject: invoice copy (waiting for your confirmation) invoice copy(3).zip
Subject: invoice copy (waiting for your confirmation) invoice copy.zip 25 February
Subject: Multimedia message 42Attachment.zip
Subject: DHL delivery failure report DHL-88921772-9200-9173.zip 26 February
Subject: DHL delivery failure report DHL-88921772-9200-9173.zip
Subject: Multimedia message 6UG68 getImage-53536.jpeg.zip
Subject: Multimedia message YM44N getImage-94228.jpeg.zip
Subject: Your receipt RECEIPT_ONLINE SERVICES 3441.pdf.zip
Subject: pic Id 207819554-PicO62A6 TYPE==MMS IMG0000038199.zip 27 February
Subject: IMAGE Id 554677657-Pic40WQW TYPE=MMS IMG00008661.zip 28 February
Subject: Paychex Insurance Agency pdfdata.rar, payrolldata.zip
Subject: Paychex Insurance Agency pdfdata.rar, payrolldata.zip
Unknown/Unresolved Domain Name/Contact Details Date
Subject: I guess I can show you now novoros.org 9 February
originating from ewophkhbusak.com, gdcaxvqjlzcb.com, ioqyjzzqheuq.com, wgrgviowdyqd.com 10 February
originating from bwjrkbsgqura.com, hsjgljkwbujn.com, jvuefovmxuua.com, lfsdvwssvfbq.com 16 February
originating from abxowrlpcovt.com, moaxpjucjuck.com, pboycqllyrtw.com, qodpuexhghvl.com, shkqifxagncf.com 24 February
(hacked) napravisajt.com → e-foxnws.com 25 February
(hacked) vacationindia.co.in → ? 26 February
Addresses Receiving Spam Total
Nonexistant and Catch-all 10
Various Compromised Mailing Lists 56
Personal 31
Contact Form 6
Domain Registration 0
Other Addresses 0