Family Beginnings

David Harper

David's ancestors are all solid English farming stock, mainly from the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales where you can find some of the most rugged and beautiful scenery in Britain. He also has links to Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Suffolk.

Selected Surnames

In the mid to late 19th century, the Eason family lived near Milnthorpe, some 6 miles south of Kendal in what was then the county of Westmorland, close to the northern end of the estuary of the River Kent. Census records indicate that William Eason, grandfather of William Bainbridge Eason, was born in about 1820 in the village of Kislingbury in Northamptonshire, which is now on the eastern edge of the town of Northampton.
William Henry Harling was born in 1854 in the village of Galgate in Lancashire, two miles south of the city of Lancaster and close to the present site of the University of Lancaster.
The Harper family originates in Garsdale and Dentdale in the west of the North Riding of Yorkshire, east of the town of Sedbergh. The earliest extant records, dating to about 1700, list Thomas Harper's baptism in Garsdale in December 1703. In the late 19th century, the family had moved southwards to Ingleton and then to Lancaster, where Arthur Swinbank Harper was born in 1902. There are still Harpers living in Garsdale today, and one of the small streams running into the Clough River is named Harper Gill, evidence that the family has a long association with the area.
Harry William Keetley was born in Lincoln in the north-eastern Midlands of England in 1864. His father, Samuel, was a sergeant in the 95th Regiment of Foot.

L.M. Stockman

Like all Americans, Lynne is descended from immigrants from other parts of the world. In Lynne's case, she is primarily of German and English ancestry.

Selected Surnames

The Bunn family originated in Haarlem, a city near Amsterdam in The Netherlands. They arrived in Pennsylvania in 1689 where many members of the family remained until at least the beginning of the nineteenth century. However, the family moved west to Kansas shortly thereafter and later spread to the far western states of Montana, Idaho and Washington.
The Chubb family originates in Crewkerne, Somerset, England. Local parish records show that there have been Chubbs in Crewkerne since the sixteenth century. Thomas Chubbe came to Massachusetts in the early seventeenth century. Here he married and produced many children. The Chubbs remained in Massachusetts until the nineteenth century when John Chubb moved to Vermont. Two generations later, the Chubbs had reached Wisconsin and by the early twentieth century, had relocated in Idaho.
The earliest record of the Hagadorn family is the birth of Christopher Hagadorn in 1779 in the state of New York. It is possible that his grandfather was part of the Palatine immigration from Germany to New York in the early eighteenth century. Most of the Hagadorns stayed in New York but with the outbreak of the American Civil War, George Robinson Hagadorn headed to Illinois and later Nebraska. His children, who took the surname of Hagadone, spread throughout the midwest and far west of the United States.
Virtually nothing is known about the Hollister family.
The Müller families arrived in the New World from Germany. David and his brother Michael August emigrated to Canada circa 1870 where they settled briefly. The family later moved to the United States, first living in Minnesota before spreading out to many other states.
Little is known about the early Phillips family although tradition claims Welsh descent. The first known records date to the late nineteenth century when four Phillips brothers were born in Delaware. George Robert Phillips headed west and all of his children were born in Montana. Subsequent generations found their way to Washington and Idaho.
The Stellpflug family is of German origin. Members of the family arrived in the United States in the mid-1800s and settled in Wisconsin. Most of the family stayed in the midwest but a few went farther afield, ending up in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. The children of John Louis Stellpflug took the name Stellpflue (which is pronounced identically with the original; the final g in Stellpflug is silent). The German branch of the Stellpflug family still runs the family winery in Guldental where the family has lived for over two centuries.
The Stockman family originates in Germany. August Stöckmann brought his two sons to Canada circa 1870 where they settled briefly. The family then moved to the United States, living in Minnesota, Oregon, California, Washington and finally Idaho.


Ancestral group distribution charts based on the 1990 census are courtesy of the Minnesota Land Management Information Center.
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