The Eagle

Abbreviation: Aql
Genitive: Aquilae

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Classical Greek mythology holds that this is the eagle that carried the thunderbolts of Zeus, king of the gods. When Zeus desired the shepherd Ganymede, he sent his eagle to carry the boy up to Mount Olympus.

The first magnitude star Altair forms an asterism, the 'Summer Triangle', with two other first magnitude stars, Deneb and Vega.

Notable Features

Designation Name Description
α Aql Altair This first magnitude star forms one part of the asterism known as the 'Summer Triangle'.
β Aql Alshain
γ Aql Tarazed
ξ Aql Libertas One exoplanet has been found in orbit around this star.
SS 443 This mysterious object is visible only through large instruments. An eclipsing binary system where the primary is likely a black hole, it is spewing forth jets of gas at sizeable fractions of the speed of light.