The River

Abbreviation: Eri
Genitive: Eridani

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One Greek myth associates this river with the path followed by Phaëton when he attempted to drive his father Helios' sky chariot. Phaëton couldn't control the chariot and it veered wildly in all directions, scorching heaven and earth. Zeus, king of the gods, struck Phaëton dead with a thunderbolt. Phaëton fell to earth and his body landed in the Po River, which is called Eridanos in ancient Greek.

This is one of the largest of the modern constellations and is the 'tallest', spanning nearly 60° in declination.

Notable Features

Designation Name Description
α Eri Achernar The brightest star in the constellation is actually first magnitude.
β Eri Cursa
γ Eri Zaurak
ε Eri Ran This is one of the closest stars to the Sun and one of the few nearby stars that is visible to the naked eye. It also has an exoplanet in orbit around it.
ζ Eri Zibal
η Eri Azha
θ Eri Acamar Acamar appears as a binary star through a telescope.
ο1 Eri Beid
ο2 Eri Keid A telescope reveals that Keid is a multiple star system.
τ2 Eri Angetenar
υ2 Eri Theemin
υ3 Eri Beemim
l Eri Sceptrum This star is also known as 53 Eri.