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Overseas visitors often ask us for the locations of the small English villages that appear in these genealogy pages because these tiny towns simply do not appear in their non-UK atlases. In many cases, the best map for the job may be one of the 1:50,000 Landranger series which is produced by the Ordnance Survey and is available worldwide. Ordnance Survey grid references are also used in maps and atlases produced by the Automobile Association (AA), the British counterpart of the American Automobile Association (AAA).

The first column lists the name of the village, town or city and the second column lists the county in which the named place is currently found. Note that the English counties were reorganized in 1974. The third column gives the Ordnance Survey grid reference and the fourth column designates on which Landranger map the named place can be found.

The name in the first column is a link to streetmap.co.uk which will show you the location as a 3km-by-3km section of the Landranger map. The grid reference in the third column is a link to our Ordnance Survey Grid Reference to latitude/longitude converter which will show you the geographical coordinates of the specified location.

Name County Grid Reference Landranger Sheet
Abington Northamptonshire SP7761 152
Acton Suffolk TL8945 155
Alne North Yorkshire SE4965 100
Alpheton Suffolk TL8750 155
Attleborough Norfolk TM0495 144
Barking Suffolk TM0753 155
Battisford Suffolk TM0554 155
Beckside Cumbria SD6188 97
Beetham Cumbria SD4979 97
Beyton Suffolk TL9363 155
Bildeston Suffolk TL9949 155
Billingford Norfolk TM1678 144, 156
Bootle Cumbria SD1088 96
Boulge Suffolk TM2552 156
Brent Eleigh Suffolk TL9448 155
Brockdish Norfolk TM2179 156
Brockley Green Suffolk TL8254 155
Brome Suffolk TM1376 144, 156
Brookhouse Lancashire SD5464 97
Broughton Lancashire SD4235 102
Brundish Suffolk TM2769 156
Bubwith Humberside SE7136 105, 106
Buxhall Suffolk TL9957 155
Cartmel Cumbria SD3878 96, 97
Casterton Cumbria SD6279 97
Caton Lancashire SD5364 97
Chapel le Dale North Yorkshire SD7377 98
Chelsworth Suffolk TL9748 155
Chilton Suffolk TL8842 155
Cockerham Lancashire SD4652 102
Colton Cumbria SD3186 96, 97
Combs Suffolk TM0456 155
Cratfield Suffolk TM3175 156
Crewkerne Somerset ST4409 193
Dallington Northamptonshire SP7361 152
Dalton-in-Furness Cumbria SD2374 96
Daventry Northamptonshire SP5762 152
Debach Suffolk TM2454 156
Debenham Suffolk TM1763 156
Dennington Suffolk TM2867 156
Dent Cumbria SD7086 98
Denton Norfolk TM2788 156
Diss Norfolk TM1180 144
Drinkstone Suffolk TL9561 155
Duston Northamptonshire SP7260 152
East Bergholt Suffolk TM0734 155, 169
Edwardstone Suffolk TL9442 155
Ellel Lancashire SD4856 102
Eyke Suffolk TM3151 156
Fellside Farm Cumbria SD268785 96, 97
Framlingham Suffolk TM2863 156
Fressingfield Suffolk TM2677 156
Galgate Lancashire SD4855 102
Garsdale Cumbria SD7489 98
Great Finborough Suffolk TM0157 155
Great Waldingfield Suffolk TL9144 155
Gribthorpe Humberside SE7635 105, 106
Groton Suffolk TL9641 155
Hacheston Suffolk TM3059 156
Harleston Norfolk TM2483 156
Harleston Suffolk TM0160 155
Harpole Northamptonshire SP6960 152
Hartest Suffolk TL8352 155
Hasketon Suffolk TM2450 156
Haughley Suffolk TM0262 155
Haydock Merseyside SJ5696 108
Heathwaite Cumbria SD4197 96, 97
Hessett Suffolk TL9361 155
Heversham Cumbria SD4983 97
High Greaves Farm Cumbria SD238781 96, 97
Holme on Spalding Moor Humberside SE8038 106
Horham Suffolk TM2072 156
Hotham Humberside SE8934 106
Hoxne Suffolk TM1777 156
Heysham Lancashire SD4161 96, 97
Ingleton North Yorkshire SE6973 98
Ipswich Suffolk TM1644 169
Ireleth Cumbria SD2277 96
Ixworth Suffolk TL9370 144, 155
Kendal Cumbria SD5192 97
Kersey Suffolk TM0044 155
Kettlebaston Suffolk TL9650 155
Kirkby Lonsdale Cumbria SD6178 97
Kirkby-in-Furness Cumbria SD2282 96
Kislingbury Northamptonshire SP6959 152
Lancaster Lancashire SD4761 97
Laxfield Suffolk TM2972 156
Lincoln Lincolnshire SK9771 121
Lindsey Suffolk TL9745 155
Linstead Parva Suffolk TM3377 156
Little Finborough Suffolk TM0254 155
Little Waldingfield Suffolk TL9245 155
Little Welnetham Suffolk TL8960 155
Long Melford Suffolk TL8645 155
Low Lindeth Cumbria SD4195 96, 97
Lunds Farm Cumbria SD695888 98
Mansergh Cumbria SD6082 97
Marlesford Suffolk TM3258 156
Martock Somerset ST4619 193
Mears Ashby Northamptonshire SP8366 152
Mendlesham Suffolk TM1065 155
Metfield Suffolk TM2980 156
Mickfield Suffolk TM1361 156
Milden Suffolk TL9546 155
Milnthorpe Cumbria SD4981 97
Monks Eleigh Suffolk TL9647 155
Montacute Somerset ST4916 183, 193
Norwich Norfolk TG2308 133, 134
Oakley Suffolk TM1677 144, 156
Old Newton Suffolk TM0562 155
Oldham Greater Manchester SD9204 109
Onehouse Suffolk TM0259 155
Pakenham Suffolk TL9267 155
Palgrave Suffolk TM1178 144
Parham Suffolk TM3060 156
Pennington Cumbria SD2677 96, 97
Pettistree Suffolk TM3055 156
Preston Lancashire SD5329 102
Pulham Market Norfolk TM1986 156
Pulham St. Mary Norfolk TM2085 156
Racenthwaite Farm Cumbria SD732903 98
Rattlesden Suffolk TL9759 155
Rede Suffolk TL8055 155
Redenhall Norfolk TM2684 156
Rosside Cumbria SD2778 96, 97
Rushall Norfolk TM1982 156
Rushmere St. Andrew Suffolk TM1946 169
Rydal Cumbria NY3606 90
Salthouse Cumbria SD2069 96
Scole Norfolk TM1579 144, 156
Sedbergh Cumbria SD6592 97
Semer Suffolk TL9946 155
Shelton Norfolk TM2291 134
Shimpling Suffolk TL8651 155
Shipton North Yorkshire SE5558 105
St. James End Northamptonshire SP7460 152
St. Katherine by the Tower Greater London TQ3480 177
Starston Norfolk TM2384 156
Stillingfleet North Yorkshire SE5940 105
Stoke Ash Suffolk TM1170 144, 155
Stoke-by-Nayland Suffolk TL9836 155
Stonham Aspal Suffolk TM1359 156
Stowmarket Suffolk TM0558 155
Stradbroke Suffolk TM2374 156
Streatham Greater London TQ3071 176, 177
Stuston Suffolk TM1377 144, 156
Sudbury Suffolk TL8741 155
Sutton Suffolk TM3046 169
Syleham Suffolk TM2178 156
Thelveton Norfolk TM1681 144, 156
Thorndon Suffolk TM1469 156
Thorpe Abbotts Norfolk TM1979 156
Thrandeston Suffolk TM1176 144
Thrushgill Lancashire SD6562 97
Thurston Suffolk TL9165 155
Thwaites West Yorkshire SE0741 104
Topcroft Norfolk TM2693 134
Tostock Suffolk TL9563 155
Ufford Suffolk TM2952 156
Ulverston Cumbria SD2878 96, 97
Underbarrow Cumbria SD4692 97
Washbrook Suffolk TM1142 169
Wetheringsett Suffolk TM1266 156
Wheldrake North Yorkshire SE6845 105, 106
Wherstead Suffolk TM1540 169
Wickham Market Suffolk TM3055 156
Wilby Suffolk TM2472 156
Windermere Cumbria SD4198 96, 97
Wingfield Suffolk TM2276 156
Winster Cumbria SD4193 96, 97
Withersdale Street Suffolk TM2680 156
Witherslack Cumbria SD4384 97
Wood Broughton Lancashire SD3881 96
Woodbridge Suffolk TM2649 169
Woodhouse Cumbria SD5183 97
Woolpit Suffolk TL9762 155
Woolwich Greater London TQ4478 177
Wramplingham Norfolk TG1106 144


Grid references for towns and villages are given to the nearest kilometre. Positions of farms and other smaller features are given to higher precision as six-figure grid references which pinpoint them to the nearest 100 metres.
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