Internet Resources

The following is a list of genealogy resources on the World Wide Web that we have found useful or interesting. Internal links (that is, links to other pages at this site) are marked [Internal]. If you don't see what you want, try one of the many excellent search engines available.


Clubs and Societies


Government Records (Including Census)

Heraldry and Royal Genealogies

Location-Specific Sites


Surname-Specific Sites

Miscellaneous Information and Meta-Sites

The following resources defy easy catagorisation but many contain lengthy lists of genealogical resources available on the Internet. The most comprehensive site is but other valuable information may be found at

Personal Genealogy Home Pages

If the surname that you are researching is on our list and you would like to have your genealogy web site added to our Common Surnames Contact Pages, then please contact us with the (in-common) name(s) that you are researching. Other genealogy home pages with unrelated surnames are given below. Please contact us if you would like your site listed here.
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