The Dolphin

Abbreviation: Del
Genitive: Delphini

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There are two stories from Greek mythology associated with the dolphin. In one, a dolphin persuaded a reluctant Amphitrite to marry the god Poseiden and Poseiden, in gratitude, placed the dolphin's image in the stars. In another story, the poet Arion was rescued by a dolphin when he jumped overboard ship to avoid death at the hands of the crew.

The stars α Del, β Del, δ Del and γ Del make up the tiny asterism known as 'Job's Coffin'.

Notable Features

Designation Name Description
α Del Sualocin Nicolaus Venator is the Latinised form of Nicolò Cacciatore. He was the assistant and successor to Giuseppe Piazzi at the Palermo Astronomical Observatory in the nineteenth century. Sualocin is Nicolaus spelled backwards.
β Del Rotanev Similarly, Rotanev is Venator spelled backwards.
ε Del Aldulfin
18 Del Musica An exoplanet has been detected revolving around this faint star.
C42 A telescope will be necessary to observe this dim and distant globular cluster.
C47 This globular cluster also requires optical aids to see it.