Caldwell Catalogue

The orbs, the milky ways, the circling worlds:
Now bright, sublime
In clusters shine
The stars divine,
And 'cross the twinkling void the meteor whirls.
— Alexander Lawrence Posey, "Eventide", 1910

Sir Patrick Caldwell-Moore (1923–2012) was an eminent English amateur astronomer. Perhaps best known as the presenter of the BBC's television programme The Sky At Night, Sir Patrick was also a prominent author and researcher. He compiled the Caldwell Catalogue as a complement to the well-established Messier Catalogue, noting that the Messier Catalogue did not include many of the sky's brightest deep sky objects, nor many objects from the southern hemisphere.

Since the initial M was already in use for Messier objects, Sir Patrick used his other surname, Caldwell, to provide the initial C for the items in his Caldwell Catalogue.

Catalogue Number(s) Popular Name Constellation Description
C1 NGC 188 Cr 6 Mel 2 Cepheus open cluster
C2 NGC 40 Bow-Tie Nebula Cepheus planetary nebula
C3 NGC 4236 Draco barred spiral galaxy
C4 NGC 7023 Cr 429 Cepheus reflection nebula and open cluster
C5 IC 342 Camelopardalis spiral galaxy
C6 NGC 6543 Cat's Eye Nebula Draco planetary nebula
C7 NGC 2403 Camelopardalis spiral galaxy
C8 NGC 559 Cr 13 Cassiopeia open cluster
C9 Cave Nebula Cepheus diffuse nebula
C10 NGC 663 Cr 20 Mel 11 Cassiopeia open cluster
C11 NGC 7635 Bubble Nebula Cassiopeia emission nebula
C12 NGC 6946 Fireworks Galaxy Cepheus spiral galaxy
C13 NGC 457 Cr 12 Mel 7 Owl Cluster Cassiopeia open cluster
C14 NGC 869, NGC 884 Cr 24, Cr 25 Mel 13, Mel 14 Double Cluster Perseus open cluster
C15 NGC 6826 Blinking Planetary Cygnus planetary nebula
C16 NGC 7243 Cr 448 Mel 240 Lacerta open cluster
C17 NGC 147 Cassiopeia dwarf spheroidal galaxy
C18 NGC 185 Cassiopeia dwarf spheroidal galaxy
C19 IC 5146 Cr 470 Cocoon Nebula Cygnus nebula and open cluster
C20 NGC 7000 North America Nebula Cygnus emission nebula
C21 NGC 4449 Canes Venatici irregular galaxy
C22 NGC 7662 Blue Snowball Andromeda planetary nebula
C23 NGC 891 Andromeda spiral galaxy
C24 NGC 1275 Perseus A Perseus Seyfert galaxy
C25 NGC 2419 Lynx globular cluster
C26 NGC 4244 Canes Venatici spiral galaxy
C27 NGC 6888 Crescent Nebula Cygnus emission nebula
C28 NGC 752 Cr 23 Mel 12 Andromeda open cluster
C29 NGC 5005 Canes Venatici spiral galaxy
C30 NGC 7331 Pegasus spiral galaxy
C31 IC 405 Flaming Star Nebula Auriga nebula
C32 NGC 4631 Whale Galaxy Canes Venatici barred spiral galaxy
C33 NGC 6992 East Veil Nebula Cygnus supernova remnant
C34 NGC 6960 West Veil Nebula Cygnus supernova remnant
C35 NGC 4889 Coma Berenices elliptical galaxy
C36 NGC 4559 Coma Berenices spiral galaxy
C37 NGC 6885 Cr 417 Vulpecula open cluster
C38 NGC 4565 Needle Galaxy Coma Berenices spiral galaxy
C39 NGC 2392 Gemini planetary nebula
C40 NGC 3626 Leo lenticular galaxy
C41 Cr 50 Mel 25 Hyades Taurus open cluster
C42 NGC 7006 Delphinus globular cluster
C43 NGC 7814 Pegasus spiral galaxy
C44 NGC 7479 Pegasus barred spiral galaxy
C45 NGC 5248 Boötes spiral galaxy
C46 NGC 2261 Hubble's Variable Nebula Monoceros reflection nebula
C47 NGC 6934 Mel 230 Delphinus globular cluster
C48 NGC 2775 Cancer spiral galaxy
C49 NGC 2237 Rosette Nebula Monoceros emission nebula
C50 NGC 2244 Cr 99 Mel 47 Monoceros open cluster
C51 IC 1613 Cetus dwarf irregular galaxy
C52 NGC 4697 Virgo elliptical galaxy
C53 NGC 3115 Spindle Galaxy Sextans lenticular galaxy
C54 NGC 2506 Cr 170 Mel 80 Monoceros open cluster
C55 NGC 7009 Saturn Nebula Aquarius planetary nebula
C56 NGC 246 Cetus planetary nebula
C57 NGC 6822 Barnard's Galaxy Sagittarius barred irregular galaxy
C58 NGC 2360 Cr 134 Mel 64 Canis Major open cluster
C59 NGC 3242 Ghost of Jupiter Hydra planetary nebula
C60 NGC 4038 Antennae Galaxies Corvus interacting galaxy
C61 NGC 4039 Antennae Galaxies Corvus interacting galaxy
C62 NGC 247 Cetus spiral galaxy
C63 NGC 7293 Helix Nebula Aquarius planetary nebula
C64 NGC 2362 Mel 65 Canis Major nebula and open cluster
C65 NGC 253 Sculptor Galaxy Sculptor spiral galaxy
C66 NGC 5694 Hydra globular cluster
C67 NGC 1097 Fornax barred spiral galaxy
C68 NGC 6729 R CrA Nebula Corona Australis nebula
C69 NGC 6302 Bug Nebula Scorpius planetary nebula
C70 NGC 300 Sculptor spiral galaxy
C71 NGC 2477 Cr 165 Mel 78 Puppis open cluster
C72 NGC 55 Sculptor barred spiral galaxy
C73 NGC 1851 Mel 30 Columba globular cluster
C74 NGC 3132 Eight Burst Nebula Vela planetary nebula
C75 NGC 6124 Cr 301 Mel 145 Scorpius open cluster
C76 NGC 6231 Cr 315 Mel 153 Northern Jewel Box Scorpius open cluster
C77 NGC 5128 Centaurus A Centaurus lenticular or giant elliptical galaxy
C78 NGC 6541 Mel 191 Corona Australis globular cluster
C79 NGC 3201 Mel 99 Vela globular cluster
C80 NGC 5139 Mel 118 ω Centauri Centaurus globular cluster
C81 NGC 6352 Cr 328 Mel 170 Ara globular cluster
C82 NGC 6193 Cr 310 Ara open cluster
C83 NGC 4945 Centaurus barred spiral galaxy
C84 NGC 5286 Mel 121 Centaurus globular cluster
C85 IC 2391 Cr 191 ο Velorum Cluster Vela open cluster
C86 NGC 6397 Mel 176 Ara globular cluster
C87 NGC 1261 Mel 19 Horologium globular cluster
C88 NGC 5823 Cr 290 Mel 131 Circinus open cluster
C89 NGC 6087 Cr 300 Mel 141 S Normae Cluster Norma open cluster
C90 NGC 2867 Carina planetary nebula
C91 NGC 3532 Cr 238 Mel 103 Wishing Well Cluster Carina open cluster
C92 NGC 3372 η Carinae Nebula Carina diffuse nebula
C93 NGC 6752 Mel 218 Pavo globular cluster
C94 NGC 4755 Cr 264 Mel 114 Jewel Box Crux open cluster
C95 NGC 6025 Cr 296 Mel 139 Triangulum Australe open cluster
C96 NGC 2516 Cr 172 Mel 82 Carina open cluster
C97 NGC 3766 Cr 248 Mel 107 Pearl Cluster Centaurus open cluster
C98 NGC 4609 Cr 263 Crux open cluster
C99 Coalsack Nebula Crux dark nebula
C100 IC 2944 λ Centauri Nebula Centaurus emission nebula and open cluster
C101 NGC 6744 Pavo spiral galaxy
C102 IC 2602 Cr 229 Mel 102 Southern Pleiades Carina open cluster
C103 NGC 2070 Tarantula Nebula Dorado nebula and open cluster
C104 NGC 362 Mel 4 Tucana globular cluster
C105 NGC 4833 Mel 115 Musca globular cluster
C106 NGC 104 Mel 1 47 Tucanae Tucana globular cluster
C107 NGC 6101 Mel 143 Apus globular cluster
C108 NGC 4362 Musca globular cluster
C109 NGC 3195 Chamaeleon planetary nebula