The Crow

Abbreviation: Crv
Genitive: Corvi

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Known as a raven since Babyloniona times, this constellation is related to the sea serpent and the cup in a Greek myth about Apollo. Apollo sent a crow to fetch him a cup of water but the crow was lazy and took his time. The crow finally returned with the water but also with a water snake, claiming the snake had delayed him. Apollo saw through the lie and threw all three objects into the sky.

Notable Features

Designation Name Description
α Crv Alchiba
γ Crv Gienah
δ Crv Algorab This appears as a double star through a telescope. The components have vastly different brightnesses.
C60, C61 The Antennae C60 and its partner C61 are undergoing a galactic collision. They are called The Antennae because of their appearance in ground-based telescopes; there are two long tails of gas, dust and stars being ejected from the galaxies as a result of their collision. It is likely that our own Milky Way will suffer a similar fate when it collides with the Andromeda Galaxy.