What's New

1 December 2003
Upgrade from HTML 3.2 to HTML 4.01 with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
1 August 2002
Surprise! David is the fifth cousin thrice removed of famous comic actor Charlie Chaplin.
20 April 2002
Selected information regarding the Hagadorn/Hagadone and Houghtaling families withdrawn at the request of one of the contributors.
1 October 2001
Redesign of English Parish Records begun.
19 February 2001
Entire site updated. Where in the World? rewritten to include links to maps of assorted English villages, towns and cities. Census Records expanded to include U.S. returns.
10 December 2000
Contradictory information regarding Fisher family of Syleham, Suffolk examined.
1 November 2000
Meet the Family! selected by "Genealogy's Most Wanted" (GMW) as their "November 2000 Featured Site." The editors of GMW describe our web site as `very well organized and informative' and `[a]n excellent example of how a personal web site on genealogy can be created to share with others.' Thank you, GMW!
18 October 2000
English Parish Records mentioned by "Channel 4 Television" in their web site accompanying the three-part programme Extraordinary Ancestors.
4 August 2000
Instructions for using the Cousins Explained charts rewritten.
17 March 2000
Most sections updated.
30 November 1999
Cousins Explained mentioned in an article published by "roots & branches online."
11 November 1999
A new section on the monarchy in the British Isles added.
19 September 1999
A new section on abbreviations added.
26 July 1999
A new section on obituaries added.
26 November 1998
A new section on wills added.
9 November 1998
Email addresses listed on the Common Surnames Contact Pages made more secure with the addition of an email form.
22 October 1998
Where in the World? rewritten to include latitude and longitude of English towns and villages.
1 October 1998
The Harper/Stockman Genealogy web site at Queen Mary, University of London, given

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